Healthtech Subscribe

App made for CDW ◂ StudioNorth in 2015.

This is a basic form-companion app, used in conjunction with other CDW apps via url schemas, as a fast and independent way to marketing and subscribe events’ attendees to CDW news and mailing lists.

Built using AS3 + AIR + Starling framework.

The special thing about this particular app is how it handles softkeyboard in both platforms. In order to improve the UX, mostly in Windows, I had to write a small C# program to read the status of the tabtip.exe process.

Here’s the Window+iPad demo on Vimeo. Enjoy !

Although the app flow looks (and is) pretty simple, I must admit making this screencast took me a whiiiiile, but I’m starting to enjoy making videos.

So, more screencast demos coming this week! Stay tuned

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