This is ExploreIT, codename EIT, app made for CDW ◂ StudioNorth in 2013.

This app was a huge challenge. Is my first big project with SN.
Overall, it was a real personal success, and for SN, CDW as well. The project grew on a constant rate for over 2 years, with tons of updates and improvements. The app is used to sell products from big CDW’s partners companies and services.

It runs on touchscreen TVs & tablets (Windows) and iPads.

Built using AS3 + AIR + barcode reader ANE.

The concept:

I’m not sure if I can remember all the bells & whistles about EIT, but it provides a comfortable way to guide and teach the user what are the solutions available for their needs.
A CDW representative usually guides the event’s attendees through the app, creating whiteboards with products schematics and notes. The app experience ends with a form, sending an email that collects all the information required for the specified solution, so the potential client and the company can stay in touch easily.


The app includes several special features like:

Scanning people’s badges during the events for a fast “login”, it does this via a bluetooth barcode scanner or through the device’s camera (using an ANE to parse the PDF417 code).

There’s a special feature (that has to be configured on the webadmin side) to run a video-wall Screensaver; is like a wall full of devices attached with magnets (that works as inductive chargers as well), that after a while of inactivity, runs a screensaver video as a whole, all devices in sync. This was a really challenging feature, as we had to rely on the wifi network speed. But the result was amazing… up to 29 devices playing a portion of a gigantic video in sync in, the wall is around 3m long.

So, I will do my best to update this post with more information about this amazing app.

EIT running in the CDW busThis is a pic of CDW’s bus, running two TVs with EIT.

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