CounterSpace ◂ SanJamar ◂ FastChicago - 2017

This is the Android version of the iOS counterpart.

The idea is to take a picture of your countertop and place the company products on it to see how it would looks on your kitchen or store.

CounterSpace is a tool that allows you to envision counter products in your own space or pre-generated environments. Its photo feature is designed to improve your overall experience by eliminating the hassle of guessing which products would fit your unique space by providing you with a realistic representation of our San Jamar products in your desired setting.

Using the background feature, choose from taking a photo, or loading a photo of your own or using a photo from one of our templates. Place and drag your choice of San Jamar counter products in the space to rearrange and angle according to preference. Photos containing San Jamar products can be saved to camera roll and submitted using an inquiry form. One of our representatives will review the selected products and contact you directly if you choose to purchase San Jamar counter products.

Built using AS3 + AIR + Starling framework.

Here’s a screencast on Vimeo. Enjoy !

request the password to download APK.

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